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About Cooperative Weed Management Areas

We are outnumbered.

Invasive plants are expanding across the landscape faster than people can stop them. Cooperative Weed Management Areas are how local groups can manage invasive plants across political boundaries for the benefit of all.

Invasive Plant Information

Plants are trickier than they look.

Plants have many survival strategies: some species have overcome many barriers to become a biological nuisance in habitats around the world. Understanding the life history of invasive species is the secret to successful management.

Control and Management

If this were easy, we wouldn’t be here.

Look before you leap! Invasive plants are formidable, resilient creatures. Knowing the options available for managing invasive plants is critical; using multiple methods increases the likelihood of success. For best results, you must know which method is the best fit for the situation.

Get Involved

 We need to fix this together.

You can help prevent or control the spread of invasive plants on your own, or through a local conservation organization. CWMA partner organizations are working together successfully to protect local wildlands and waters.

Hydrilla Hunt

 Join the search.

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) is a highly invasive aquatic plant that threatens the health of Ohio’s lakes and rivers – as well as waterfront property values and our enjoyment of fishing, boating, and swimming. Our region must cooperate together to stop its spread.