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Ohio Hydrilla Survey

Cleveland Metroparks is working across Ohio to detect Hydrilla verticillata, a highly-invasive aquatic plant. The project focus is the Lake Erie basin in Ohio but since aquatic invasive plants are easily transported, all observations are important. In this survey we will be utilizing both traditional collections of specimens and photographic records through iNaturalist. We will share all positive records of hydrilla in Ohio with national databases, such as the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species database.

Goals for the expanded detection and distribution of hydrilla survey are:

  • to identify hydrilla infestations in the Lake Erie basin
  • to train a network of individuals on hydrilla ID and
  • to control current populations and newly discovered populations of hydrilla


To participate, you can photograph pond plants. No identification skills are required for photo observations and we accept observations from any date. Just take a photo and submit it on this website or on iNaturalist.

If you are interested in a field training or educational program about hydrilla and aquatic plants, contact our project coordinator:

Mark Warman (Hydrilla Project

For more background information on the hydrilla control efforts, head to the hydrilla resource page.


Last, and perhaps most importantly, is our funding source. This project has been supported by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and is funded from 2017-2018 by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. If you like this program, write your state and national representatives to encourage continued support for Great Lakes health.

This webpage will be updated throughout the project so be sure to check back often!

– Mark